KFTD’s Commitment to Compliance and Pharmaceutical Excellence as a Bribery Prevention Measure

Pharmaceutical and medical distributions are crucial pillars of our healthcare system, yet they encounter various hurdles, from managing delicate medications to navigating intricate regulations.

Challenges Pharmaceutical Distribution

Here are several obstacles faced in pharmaceutical distribution, as outlined by Parkour SC:

  • Inventory Balancing: Striking a balance in stock levels to meet demand without overstocking or understocking.
  • Temperature and Fragility: Ensuring proper handling of sensitive medical goods to prevent spoilage or damage.
  • Fast Turnaround: Meeting urgent demands swiftly while managing complex supply chains.
  • Overseas Sourcing Risks: Dependency on foreign production, especially during disruptions, poses distribution vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance Complexity: Navigating stringent regulations and evolving standards to ensure safety and quality.
  • OTIF Requirements: Meeting delivery standards for items, quantities, location, and timing to maintain customer satisfaction and avoid costly replacements.

In addition, bribery and corruption pose significant threats to pharmaceutical companies. Bribery can result in unfair competitive advantages and allowing substandard products to enter the market. Whereas corruption can distort regulatory oversight, compromising the safety and efficacy of medications distributed to healthcare providers and patients. 

KFTD’s Commitment to Pharmaceutical Compliance and Excellence

Despite the challenges, KFTD (Kimia Farma Trading and Distribution) leads the way in healthcare distribution in Indonesia. To address the challenges effectively, KFTD has implemented a comprehensive strategy, such as:

  • Wide Range of Products: With over 8000 health products from 80+ partners, we ensure all your healthcare needs are covered.
  • Extensive Network: Our team of 500+ sales representatives ensures our products reach every corner of Indonesia.
  • Advanced Infrastructure: To maintain product quality, we have 48 refrigerated vehicles, 48 distribution branches, 137 coolers, and 40 cold rooms.
  • Efficient Operations: We use the SAP ERP system for smooth and error-free processes.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Our 48 branches cover all 38 provinces and 511 districts/cities, ensuring everyone has access to healthcare products.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We continuously strive to set the best example for healthcare distribution in Indonesia. We take strict, clear actions to prevent bribery and corruption and strongly oppose unethical practices. This ensures our distribution process remains fair and compliant with legal standards.

With its robust infrastructure, expansive network, and unwavering dedication, KFTD continues to redefine the standards of healthcare distribution. At its core, KFTD is driven by an unyielding commitment to excellence while upholding CGC principles

This dedication also extends to preventing bribery and ensuring integrity in all operations, effectively eliminating any possibility of KFTD Acts of Default—actions or behaviors that contravene the terms of an agreement, contract, or legal obligation. 

At KFTD, we’re not just a distributor—we’re your partner in health. Trust us to deliver quality healthcare products wherever you are in Indonesia.

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