RCIYC Committees:



General Committee

General control of the Club is vested in the General Committee which meets on the third Wednesday of each month. During the course of this meeting the General Committee will consider any applications for Membership of the Club.

The current members of the General Committee are:

  • Commodore and Chair: James Wilding
  • Vice Commodore: Ian Flambard
  • Rear Commodore: Vacant
  • Honorary Secretary: Alex Ohlsson
  • Honorary Sailing Secretary: William Harris
  • Honorary Treasurer: Tom Hill

General Committee Members: Paul Johnson, Christopher Philpott, Nigel Philpott, Chris Deahl, Jeremy Swetenham, Mark Tucker, Myles Winchester, Hilary-Ann Ratazzi, Kevin Faulkner, Sean Scarsbrook and Richard Hall

Sailing Committee

The Sailing Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month. The current members of the Committee are:

  • Chair:
  • William Harris
  • Chris Deahl
  • Jeremy Swetenham
  • Mark Tucker
  • Myles Winchester
  • Duncan Stuart
  • Gordon Burgis
  • Kevin Faulkner

House Committee

The House Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month. The current Committee members are:

  • Chair
  • Alex Ohlsson
  • Paul Johnson
  • Christopher Philpott
  • Nigel Philpott
  • Sean Scarsbrook
  • Hilary-Ann Ratazzi
  • Richard Hall